Big Data


Architecture Design for Big Data

The Modern Data Architecture enables to reap the benefits of the Big Data technology stack alongside the existing Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence architecture.

Depending on your requirements, how this is done will entail using specific technological components and mechanisms.

We help you making sense of all of that and define an architecture centered on delivering business value and not technological mumbo jubmo.

Big Data Platform


Pharo: Fast Web Interfaces and Visualizations for Big Data

Pharo is a modern Smalltalk-inspired platform.

As a fully Open Source system (MIT Licensed) it can be deployed anywhere with ease. This is particulary useful when deploying appliances.

A walk by the Data Lake

Leveraging the Seaside framework, solid web applications can be developed much faster than with the current technologies

This enables you to have an edge when it comes to time to market

Pharo/Seaside has support for HTML5 applications, including jQuery, Bootstrap 3, OAuth, and WebSockets

Powerful Visualizations with Roassal

Roassal is a visualization engine that can be tailored to all kinds of visualizations.

Sunburst View

World Mapping View

Voyage for HBase

We are currently developing Voyage for HBase, a data access component providing an object view on BigData.

Integrating Pharo

We integrate Pharo with all kinds of other technologies through RabbitMQ and the STOMP protocol.

A Unique Partnership

As a Pharo Consortium member, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with its benefits.

Sparx Enterprise Architect for Big Data